Ânia Marcos
Ânia Marcos

A Lesson On Business Mindset From 8-Year-Old Me

As a kid, I loved candy (surprise, surprise!)

In fact, I loved candy so much that I came up with multiple revenue streams to fund my ice-cream for the summer:

One morning, at the beach, I spent hours looking for the prettiest shells. Then, I built a tent out of a parasol and multiple towels, with some signs saying I had the best shells of them all.

I opened up my shop and called the adults to come and see. They thought I was so adorable (oh the things you can do when you’re an 8 year old…) that they took the bait.

Some would buy a shell just to be nice, but others thought I was being silly, so they asked me why I was selling something they could easily pick up from the sand.

My answer?

“Because I spent hours under the sun looking for the best shells while you were taking a nap or reading your book. I worked for these shells, so if you want them, either go pick them yourself or give this cute kid a few cents and contribute to the higher cause of ice cream! Don’t you want to help me?”

I sold out of shells within a couple of hours.

Sure, me being a kid helped a lot, but did you see what I did – completely by accident?

Recognize the value of the work that you’re doing. Don’t apologize for it.

…it’s incredible to me how much I keep learning from my past.

Yes, that’s me!

What About You?

Do you have any memories of your younger self acting in some way (or doing something) you’re proud of?

Can’t wait to read your stories in the comments below! 🙂


  1. Andy Carey - 2 years ago

    I’m an adult and all of my funds still go to ice cream 😀

    • aniamarcos - 2 years ago

      Hahaha, candy is LIFE! 😀

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