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Ânia Marcos

A Bucket Full Of Water (Part 2) :: Choose Your Birds

This is part 2 of a 4-part series designed to help you be more in touch with your energy levels and the various ways to manage it.

Click here if you missed part 1.


Granted, you spend water every time you do a task.

… But what other ways are there to spend your water?

You have two: energy given and energy wasted. Today, let’s focus on the first one, also known as the birds.

Birds sit on your bucket and drink your water. You might not even notice some of them – they’re so small! (Have you heard of “death by a thousand paper-cuts”? These are the paper crane versions of that.)

The more birds you allow, the more come over – they have a thing for calling each other with the most lovely chirp.

Birds are everywhere: your aunt that just needs a quick favor; your friend who wants a free drawing of his pet; the salesman who just wants to grab a cup of coffee (“It will only take a minute of your time!”) or even your kids who need your attention.

Now, I’m not saying you should just shoo every single bird away from you and create a minefield around your bucket.

Some birds matter. But some surely do not.

Allow too many birds and you’re on your way to exhaustion and nothing gets done.

If you already know how big your bucket is, then this next step will be useful:

How much water should you set aside for the birds? And which birds are allowed to drink it?

Now, on to part three: Water Waste Through Multitasking


  1. Victoria Balbes / Phillips - 2 years ago

    Ah! Your bird drawing is so cute! Wish there was an easier way to sort out which “birds” are worth my time. How do you decide?

    • aniamarcos - 2 years ago

      Thanks so much, Victoria!! 😀

      If you know how much energy you have for the birds, it’s easier to know how many birds you can let in (which reduces the list a lot). If you’re still having trouble deciding, paying attention to yourself and what you feel like doing goes a long way (I’m working on this myself – alas, been working on it for over a year, it’s hard!). Remember, you can’t help any birds if you run out of water, so taking care of yourself comes first! <3

  2. Mandy Frank - 2 years ago

    So true! Especially your last comment! I like this series. I experiment now and split my energy. In the morning I am addicted to the starting buzz, as Oatley would call it. In the evening, after the birds are fed, I am too tired to paint. So after I fed my birds I go to sleep for 4-5 hours (just figured I feel fine after that), refill my bucket this way and start painting right after I got up. After a while I sleep a few hours again. This way i have a fresh bucket for me and the birds, too.

    • aniamarcos - 2 years ago

      Thank you *so much* for your kind words, Mandy!! So glad you found a way to manage your energy that works with you 😀 Thanks for sharing!!

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