Ânia Marcos
Ânia Marcos

How ‘Fitting In’ Almost Ruined My Children’s Book

I’ve been thinking a lot about my teenager sister lately. Sometimes I worry she’s trying so hard to fit in, that she’ll end up feeling stressed and anxious for no good reason.

I asked her to stop worrying about what other people think. To grow comfortable with being herself. That standing out wasn’t a bad thing. To allow herself to like what she liked, and be proud of it. To be kind, both to herself and to others.

Fitting in isn’t comfortable, isn’t easy and doesn’t pay off.

That’s when I realized… doesn’t the same thing apply to your art?

We trick ourselves into believing that if we don’t do it like “them”, then we’re not doing it right. So we twist our own arms into fitting into an uncomfortable box only to end up looking like everyone else.

…but looking like everyone else doesn’t make us stand out. We only become invisible in the crowd.

It’s Scary To Be You

I get it.

While working on my children’s book, I surround myself with all my favorite books to keep inspiration up and let myself be influenced by what I love the most about each of them.

…and somewhere along that process I started doubting every choice I made. My art didn’t look at all like any of the books I look up to so much. I was afraid I was doing it wrong. I was afraid to create something so different no one would like it.

But isn’t that good? By feeling free to experiment, we’re creating something new, something ours. And the world needs that.

Thankfully I caught myself, put the books away and chugged along with my drawings. Right after that realization, my characters slowly started to gain a life of their own. They were no longer a poor imitation of someone else’s vision.

I felt like I was finally making progress.

Don’t worry about anyone’s ‘style’. Be yourself, hone your craft and tell your stories. Be comfortable with experimenting, failing, and doing it again.

Only you can do it. ‘Someone else’ is already taken, but there’s only one of you.


PS: In this Podcast episode that the Oatley Academy Team and I recorded together, my friend Sarah Mills made a wonderful comment on this topic. Worth a listen.


  1. Britny - 1 year ago

    I was thinking about this earlier today! I’m so glad you wrote this post. ^_^ It’s so hard sometimes to be fine with what you bring to the table. <3

    • aniamarcos - 1 year ago

      I’m so glad this post is helpful <3 Were you thinking about this while working on the Godpony?

      Thank you for your comment, Britny! 🙂

  2. Edge - 1 year ago

    Great post, Ânia! (And timing!) Funnily enough I was thinking about a similar topic earlier today, about how saturated I’m feeling again with all the influences I’ve been consuming… I’ve noticed that it’s slowing down my own creation due to comparison. This is a much-needed reminder ❤

    • aniamarcos - 1 year ago

      Thank you, Edge! 😀 Your comments always make me so happy!! Thank you for letting me now the post was helpful, it really motivates me to keep writing <3

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