Ânia Marcos
Ânia Marcos

Are You Good Enough to Pursue Art?

Do you like sweet pastries? Are you tall?

Some questions are easier to answer than others. …but have you ever wondered why? We may need some context, but if the questions are specific, then we can give a direct answer:

Yes, I love sweet pastries! I might be tall for a Portuguese woman, but pretty sure I’m short in some other countries.

…but what if the question is vague? What does it mean to be good enough? Good enough for what? What kind of artist?

I have a friend who does competitive swimming.

From my point of view, he’s amazing. He’s fast, his technique is impeccable, and he won numerous races. But last time I saw him, he said he wasn’t good enough for the next competition just yet.

He can always be faster, have a better technique and more stamina. There’s always room for improvement.

…and if there’s always space for improvement, do you think you’ll ever feel like you’re good enough?

What is that you want to do?

I want to be a children’s book author, so I’ll work on my art and create my own stories until I make a good enough book to be published. That’s my goal.

What is yours?

Maybe you’re not good enough to get into Disney. Maybe you are. But if you’re not there yet, then it just means you need to keep on practicing. It’s ok, the journey has to start somewhere.

We’re always good enough for something. So let’s start from there and build our way up.

“I think with practice, you can be whatever you want to be, and with a goal, you can go in any direction that you want to go in.” – Michael Phelps


  1. Lise - 4 years ago

    Thank you, Ania. For writing about such an important topic. It can definitively be hard to feel you are good enough in todays society, but even more so, do I think, if you’re not certain of what it is you want to be good enough at.

    • aniamarcos - 4 years ago

      So true, Lise! And that’s a whole other huge topic that I hope to write about in the near future… Thank you for bringing it up!!

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