Ânia Marcos
Ânia Marcos

Paper Moon Color Script

Paper Moon is a 1973 American comedy-drama film about the true meaning of the word family. It is shot in black-and-white and is set in Kansas and Missouri during the Great Depression.

I created a color script to map out the mood and emotional beats of the movie. Every scene is represented in the final script:

Click on the image to see the bigger version.

Paper Moon Acts:

ACT 1:
Moses meets Addie at her mother’s funeral and is asked to drive her to her aunt’s, since she doesn’t have any other family. He agrees and then uses the little girl to blackmail the brother of the man who accidentally killed Addie’s mother to make $200. After repairing his car with some of that money, he buys Addie a train ticket to her aunt’s. Problem solved. …right?

ACT 2:
Addie is a smart young lady and realizes what Moses did. After confronting him, she asks if he’s her father. Moses denies so she demands her $200 – or else she’s going to the Police… From that moment onwards, they are both traveling together until Moses earns $200 for her. Let the conning begin…

After a con trick goes the wrong way, Moses is beaten up and loses all his money. He then decides to leave Addie with her aunt so she can live a good, decent life. What comes after that is incredibly fun, but I’m saving you from the spoilers… 😉

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