Ânia Marcos
Ânia Marcos

We created a fully illustrated ninety-two-page book that became a $7,000 success on Kickstarter.

We (Ânia Marcos, Lise Sofie Hopland and Frederic Daelemans) are three artists based in three different countries in Europe, who in January 2015 decided to come together online to create an illustrated family book. We wanted to create a project that resonated with people from all ages.

It took us two years to finish this first book. It wasn’t easy, but it was totally worth it.

And what is the story? Here’s our pitch:

An Ice-Witch who’s desperately afraid of melting teams up with a girl made of fire and a stubborn stone golem to embark on a dangerous adventure in order to get their one wish granted.

Tales Of Three is about facing your fears and overcoming them, a story about friendship and connection despite differences…

A story about finding out who you are.

Below I’m sharing the some of the editorial and web design work I did for the project.

For more information about the making-of Tales Of Three, please read this post.


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