Ânia Marcos
Ânia Marcos

Find The Right Charger

We live in a World powered by batteries.

Your phone has a battery. You laptop has a battery. Your portable gaming device has a battery. Your camera has a battery. So many things you love are powered by batteries.

Every battery comes with their specific charger too. And we all know better than to use some random charger with our devices. Unless it’s the right charger, we risk damaging the batteries of our possessions.

….and if the battery we have can’t be replaced, then we tend to be extra careful with it, right?

Now the question is, aren’t we all living batteries as well?

Think with me: you’re made of energy that runs out through the day, we recharge, we spend energy again…

…yep, looks like a battery to me!

But how do we recharge?

I believe there are 2 different ways of recharging, and both are crucial for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Physical recharge
, which happens when we have a good night of sleep or sit down to rest; and emotional recharge, which should happen when we take a break from work or go on vacation.

It’s so easy to measure the first one, but so hard to actually focus on recharging our emotional state.

Ask yourself: Where do you love going? What makes your mind relax? Who makes you a better person? What pays off in the long run?

Try new things so you can find the answer to those questions and plug in the right charger for you.

We’re a battery that can’t be replaced. Take good care of yourself. You matter.

How do YOU recharge?

Recently, I found out that meditating and practicing Yoga does wonders for my emotional balance…

…so I’m trying to build in these habits slowly through time.

What about you? What ways have you discovered that help you recharge your emotional energy?

Looking forward to reading your findings in the comments below!

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